Friday, June 12, 2015

Help Gay Become Straight Tip#130 A Gentleman's Dignity

Hello, how are you guy? Have a nice day!

Hope you are stronger and stronger like a superhero! Wish you now are free of GAY.... You are a Man only.

Today I would like to invite you guys to read the Venerable Luangta Mahabua's doctrine. I would like to summarize and re-arrange for you guys in English, so you can understand it easily.

  • A man must respects his masculine value.
  • Honor your masculine value.
  • Don't violate your own masculine value.
  • No sexual misconduct
Thanks for a great doctrine.

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Saturday, April 18, 2015

Help Gay Become Straight Tip#129 Epidemic

Howdy, how are you guys? Long time no see and looking forward to seeing better you!

Really, I need to see that you are stronger and get rid of G..A...Y mind in your life, the whole life from now on.

Do you know the "Epidemic"? It looks like the contagion or outbreak or plague!!!!

I would like to mention about the Epidemic from your gay. This will result in an epidemic, of course, to your beloved one around you; mom and dad and your family, your friends.

You know, the deepest sorrow can be the greatest epidemic. Why your mom and dad have to be sad and cry? Why they have to be so blue because of you as a gay in family. If they can beg you, I think they will ask you to be a straight man for sure.

Then, you can make them happy. Don't do any epidemic to your family. Don't spread any sorrow to your family anymore, I beg you.

Be STRONG today! I love you honey, be strong.

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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Help Gay Become Straight Tip#128 Ex-Gay is real!

Great news, do you know that there are a lot of ex-gay testimony. You will see!
There are a lot of YouTube Video about ex-gay!!!!

Why gays can choose to become straight and normal - YouTube,d.c2E

Just Happy: An Ex-Gay Success Story - YouTube,d.c2E

EX-GAY & PROUD!!! - YouTube,d.c2E

Oh, you are so lucky because you can easily follow those experience. How they can be straight. How they can resign from gay. How they can be an ex-gay for real!!!

Thanks for beautiful photo.
Have a nice day ex-gay!

Help Gay Become Straight Tip #127 Delete dirty app from your phone

Hello, how are you bros? Are you strong today? Hope you guys are now become a straight man.
I would like to ask you today? How many apps on your smartphone? I wonder if you have some gay app on you smartphone. For example,

  • grindr
  • gaypark
  • Jack'd
  • BoyAhoy
  • Hornet
  • Skout
  • PlanetRomeo
  • GROWLr
  • GuySpy
Oh, No there are a lot of gay apps in the AppStore and PlayStore!
Please delete all those gay apps from your smart phone! Hurry up and do not think to re-download them again.

You know that these gay apps are the gay stimuli, there are a lot of porns, nudity photo, chat service and so on.

Beg you honey! Please delete them now.

Good Luck and Cheers!

Saturday, January 3, 2015

Help Gay Become Straight Tip#126 Gift for yourself is to be in a good temper! Happy New Year!

Great gift for yourself is to be in a good temper all the time! Did you get any gifts during this festive New Year celebration? I wish you are the most lucky guy in the world and get plenty of gifts from your loved ones :)

However, I have learned that one of the greatest gift of all is "to be in a good temper". Really, if you are a in a good temper, there are lots of benefits
- good looking
- optimistic
- easy going
- to be loved from your friend, family, etc
- smiling face
- good health
- good emotion

Most of all, you have to stay away from any gay stimuli. Don't search for any gay porn in the Internet, don't search for any nude photo via Google, don't have any sexu-al misconduct, don't read and watch any gay magazine or movies.

Happy New Year! Wishing you all the success for the new year. Good health, good luck and much happiness. May the season's joy fill you all year round.

Love always,

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Saturday, March 1, 2014

Help Gay Become Straight Tip#125 Have you hold your precept pure and unblemished?

Hi guys, how are you today? The weather is nice, isn't it?

Hope you are a complete straight boy now, and no more gay in your mind...
Today can we talk about the precept, there are 5 precepts I truly beg you to hold them. It is important to your life and your mind. Believe me, these precepts are very very good for you and everyone.

1. I observe the precept of abstaining from the destruction of life.

2. I observe the precept of abstaining from taking that which is not given.

3. I observe the precept of abstaining from sexual misconduct.

4. I observe the precept of abstaining from falsehood.

5. I observe the precept of abstaining from intoxicants that cloud the mind and cause carelessness.

Please remember these 5 precepts and hold them everyday.

Good luck and wish you the best.

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Sunday, February 9, 2014

Help Gay Become Straight Tip#124 Valentine's Day is coming. Are you ready?

Hello, how are you guys! Valentine's Day is coming! Are you ready?

For this special season, I beg you not to have any sexual misconducts, any gay behaviors.

  • Do not have sex with any gay or men.
  • Stay away from any gay stimuli.
  • Do not have any gay activities.
  • Is it so hard? Please try it, you will see a good benefit from being straight.
Take care and have a sweet love with your family, relative and friend.

See ya.

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